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Think carefully before you email
Central Penn College alumni magazine (2011)

Email Etiquette: Is it a capital offense to use CAPS?
Harrisburg Patriot News (2009)

Recession puts some project managers in good spot
Central Penn Business Journal (2009)

Few college students gauge risks of online transactions
Harrisburg Patriot News (2009)

Cutting-edge Communication Careers
Motivos Magazine (2009)

Choosing the proper communication medium
Harrisburg University Knowledge Network (2008)

Email vs. Phone vs. Meeting
Employment Crossing

Forthcoming book: Unlearn Email

EdHEads technology blog for faculty (2012)

Steven D. Birmingham's


How a Comic Strip and a Fighter Jet Led to Big Changes at One College
WES Aspen (2013)

Creating Online Versions of Bricks and Mortar Classes
PCUS Indianapolis (2012)

Focusing your IT Department on the Student’
PCUS New York (2011)

Email Etiquette
Bucknell University (2007 and 2008)

Successful Negotiations
Bucknell University (2007 and 2008)

Preparing for Successful Negotiations
The Communication Gym (2010-present)

Intro to Project Management
​Central Penn College Student Leadership Training Institute (2010)

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other writings

The Communications Model
Used to teach communications at seminars and in college courses

The Artist vs. the Accountant

A two-party integrative negotiation simulation used at seminars

Notes on Negotiating

Used for one-on-one negotiation training as well as at seminars

Why Does Michael Jordan have Square Elbows? The challenges of realistic human figures in video games

Written as a master's student in Prof.  Norman Badler's EMTM500 class at University of Pennsylvania

Project Management Overview

Used to teach introductory project management in corporate environments and at seminars